Monday, September 15, 2008

The News

As Maggie mentioned in the previous post, we have been in the midst of some big life decisions lately: I decided to bite the bullet and finally try reading On the Road, and Maggie took the huge leap of becoming a fan of Huey Lewis and the News on Facebook.

Huey Lewis and the News On the Road

Oh yeah, and we're moving back to California.

Of course this has major blog ramifications: root beer is no longer going to be a rare commodity in California, so what do we do? Change our name to Desperately Seeking Elderflower? Desperately Seeking Clotted Cream? Desperately Seeking Jellied Eels? Do we change our remit and start searching for sources of Kendall Mint Cakes in San Francisco?

Title questions aside, I'm quite excited to continue the spirit of exploration that we have kept up in London back in the San Francisco Bay Area. Blogging keeps us on the lookout for interesting things and spurs us on to get out and try new things, and not simply for the sake of a few silly pictures (although silly pictures never hurt). And who knows what we'll find in the Bay Area; perhaps, instead of Graham Norton, we'll find Huey Lewis lurking in the shrubbery? {Maggie: "God, I sure hope so. Mrrrrow."}

Leaving London has made us start thinking about the many things we're going to miss. Most of them are food-related, and absolutely none of them are weather-related, but there are all sorts of random things we'll miss. The frenetic and haphazard bell ringing at the church behind our flat that only seems to happen when we're on the phone or right at a key point of dialogue in an episode of Numb3rs. The view over the river and Tower Bridge. Pubs that are significantly older than our entire country. Cheese. Our endless string of odd haircut experiences involving such characters as The Pufferfish, Dark Helmet, and The Turkish Razor.

The Pufferfish, Dark Helmet, and The Turkish Razor

This is a bit of an aside, but I can't mention The Pufferfish, Dark Helmet, and The Turkish Razor without some sort of explanation. Maggie should have turned and fled when she met Dark Helmet, rather than paying some ungodly amount for a strangely spherical haircut. Haircut rule #1: Don't get your hair styled by someone whose own hair looks like a helmet. I showed up to a haircut appointment one time only to find that the woman who had cut my hair previously no longer worked there, so instead I got an angry Turkish man who proceeded to rant at me about injustice in the hair styling industry, all the while cutting my hair using only a straight razor and a comb. No scissors. This was also not a good haircut, and I certainly don't remember asking him to make me look like Bert Convy.

The password is: bad haircut

The Pufferfish is probably the weirdest of all. I went to him randomly when looking for a new barber closer to our flat. Everything seemed normal until he started blowing on my head every few seconds. And not just a light puff, but as hard as he possibly could without spit spraying out. Snip, snip, snip...pfffffffff! Snip, snip, snip...pfffffffff! Needless to say, I've never had a barber, or anyone else for that matter, repeatedly blow heavily on my hair. It actually didn't bother me too much until he blew twice directly in my face and I could identify individual ingredients that had been in his lunch. It soon became apparent that he had some sort of dislike for hair clippings. He would occasionally stop, pick up the nearby hairdryer, and proceed to blow down his shirt and trousers to remove any trace of hair. A trichophobic barber, now that's irony.

We're definitely going to miss all of the oddments that have made up our London experience, some clearly good things, and undoubtedly some things we could never guess that we'll miss. I'll probably find myself missing the distinctive diesel, bacon, and dampness aroma of London streets, or the strangeness that is black pudding. Maggie may even find herself missing the constant Top Gear reruns. {Maggie: "Fat chance."} Believe it or not, I'm going to miss The Pufferfish — that guy gave me one hell of a haircut.


Albatross Mom said...

Maggie, Never fear. Top Gear is on every Monday, over & over. Apparently, it's 2005 again.

Doug said...

w00t! i'll selfishly be glad to have you guys back stateside. You'll forget about all that rubbish once you sink your teeth into an El Toro burrito. Mmm, just think of that pico de gallo right now. Sandia aguas frescas anyone?

Andy M. said...

Mmmmm, sandia agua fresca. Hells yeah.

Who needs clotted cream when you have agua fresca?

Anonymous said...

Desperately Seeking Elderflower won't work, because you'll find it as soon as you get back if you head to The Pasta Shop on 4th Street. They don't give it away, for sure, but they carry it. I saw a half dozen bottles of elderflower syrup there yesterday. --Kelly

cabernet said...

You can get double devonshire cream at Lovejoy's Tea room, right near my house! And I'll be happy to hunt down some clotted cream- at Rainbow or did I see some at Trader Joe's? Just come home!!! but not before I come visit you!
I am a fan of the black pud pud, too! All the varieties here have MSG, though:(

I'm coming in 9 days!!!