Saturday, April 19, 2008

Beyond Eggspectations: The Results

The results of our Egg Survey are now in. There's no need to delay, let me whisk you away to the results...

Once again we got responses that were highly slanted towards American tastes. In fact every responder was American this time. Several responders were clearly very proud about being American, one hailing from “United States of America!”, another from “USA! USA!”, and one that quoted a memorable tag-line from Team America: World Police. Thanks for the enthusiasm everyone, but we were really hoping for “U-ru-guay! U-ru-guay!”, “Botswana is boss!”, or “Djibouti is totally righteous!”. I suppose we’ll have to settle for a bunch of eggstatic Americans.

Nearly everyone who took the survey was an egg fan of sorts, with only 2 people feeling neutral about eggs and no one disliking them. The big surprise to me was the fact that most people thought that eggs as a midnight snack were not at all appropriate. If I get out of a late concert or some late night event and I’m starving, all I want is breakfast food. Probably most Americans want a burger, and most Londoners seem to want kebabs and/or a banana, but I want eggs. On several occasions, the late night Crepes A-Go-Go cart in San Francisco’s SOMA rescued me with a 2 a.m. egg and cheese crepe, probably the best late night food I could imagine. Apparently eggs at midnight sounds eggscruciating to a lot of people, but bear in mind that Martha Stewart swears that her favorite midnight snack is a raw onion sandwich on white bread. Here is the final egg appropriateness by meal breakdown:

Average appropriateness rating for each meal, from 0 (not at all appropriate) to 4 (very appropriate).

Given that all responders were American, and because I admittedly biased the results a bit ahead of time with my rant against European-style scrambled eggs, it wasn’t a surprise that no one picked European-style scrambled eggs for their favorite or second favorite style of egg preparation. In fact, American-style scrambled eggs had the most votes for both favorite and second favorite, unless you count fried eggs as a category (including sunny-side up, over-easy, and over-medium to over-hard). No one was brave (or silly) enough to pick pickled or thousand-year eggs as their favorite.

Despite the fact that no one voted for European-style scrambled eggs, two people favored the bottom picture, which shows the typical cottage-cheesy European scrambled eggs (photos from, so perhaps there are some fans out there after all (I think they're cracked of course):

Eggsample Breakfasts: Top good, bottom bad.

Perhaps the still picture doesn't fully convey the soupy consistency of European-style scrambled eggs, so here is a lovely video from a Marks & Spencer ad (there is a 30 second leader, so just skip past this to the good part):


Doug said...

ahhh, i didn't even realize there were 2 different kinds of eggs in the pictures. I chose the bottom one because of the giant pile of delicious looking fatty meat prominently displayed front and center. I see breakfast as more of a celebration of pork and its versatility. eggies on the side.

I thoroughly enjoyed the scientific (yet slightly slanted) study on eggs though. Where do deviled eggs fit into the mix? I'm known to gorge myself on those whenever an unfortunate plate finds itself within arms reach of me.

Eggspert McWitness said...

One question you forgot. Who prefers eggs with catsup? Versus hot sauce? I can't believe you left that hot button question out of your survey. I eggspect more from you.

Andy M. said...

@ doug:
Deviled eggs are super tasty, no doubt. Oh well, next time we have an egg-themed quiz I'll have to put on a deviled egg question.

I think "a celebration of pork" is my favorite phrase of the week.

@ eggspert:
I'm not a huge fan of catsup, or ketchup for that matter. Adding catsup to eggs is like putting A1 (or HP sauce) on a nice steak. Hot sauce, on the other hand, can be great in a Mexican breakfast context, but I wouldn't smother my eggs in Tabasco unless there I had some tortillas and beans.

Eggstraordinaire said...

Who could possibly need a recipe for "Onion on Bread". How can their even be a recipe for "Onion on Bread" - tell me, I need to know. Put onion on bread. That's like needing a recipe for a glass of water or writing instructions on how to pick your nose. Good grief. Vidalia onions on sourdough with a little aioli. Don't knock it, or make me send a recipe for it.

eggstraordinaire said...

there not their; damn blog sites need editing capabilities.