Friday, December 7, 2007

A Few Parting Thoughts

We're heading home for the holidays next week, so we've been thinking about the various things we will miss about London and what we are looking forward to at home...

Things We'll Miss About London Over the Holidays:
1) The chance to actually have a snowy Christmas day
2) Cheese
3) Boris
4) Elderflower soda and cloudy lemonade
5) Ice skating
6) Amusing street names
7) Constant Top Gear reruns [Andy]

Things We Are Really Looking Forward to at Home:
1) Friends and family
1a) Pie
2) Mexican Food
3) Affordable toothpaste, clothing, electronics, insert noun here
4) Warmer weather and longer days
5) Pedestrians having the right of way
6) Crosswords we can actually finish
7) No constant Top Gear reruns [Maggie]