Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sunday in the Park

After hanging out in bustling Borough Market yesterday, we decided to take it easy today and visit one of London's parks, which are all rumored to be beautiful. So we hopped on the tube and took the Jubilee line over to Green Park, which is right near Buckingham Palace. The park definitely lived up to its name - it was huge, green and serene, with lots of pathways, benches, and shady places to sit.

It reminded me in many ways of New York's Central Park - an oasis in the middle of a hectic city. They even put out deck chairs (nice ones) so people could sit and enjoy the day - something New York would never do!

The park also had some great wildlife - we saw lots of interesting birds, including a gaggle of grey geese (we've both only seen Canada geese before), and what we think was a black and red coot. We also saw a few gorgeous black swans:

I'd never seen black swans before - they were so beautiful! We were also lucky enough to come upon a group of pelicans in a pond when they were being fed - the keeper threw fish out to them, and they caught them in their long bills. We were both amazed at how the bottoms of their bills grew huge and long when they took in the fish - just like in the cartoons! Unfortunately our picture of them is a little washed out, but if you click on it and expand it you can get a sense of what they looked like:

After walking through the park, we ended up right in front of Buckingham Palace. It was really fun to see the Palace in person - it was huge, as you can imagine, and the fountains and grounds around it were so regal. It was interesting to be in the place I'd seen on the news so many times. It turns out that Big Ben and Westminster Abbey were within easy walking distance of the Palace, so we visited them too. We both had a really good time seeing the traditional London sights, which were even more grand and beautiful than I'd expected them to be.

Weird Fountain-Man

By the time we were done with our walk, our feet were tired and it was getting cloudy, so we headed back. All day I'd had Chicago's "Saturday in the Park" stuck in my head (even though it's Sunday), so we put that on the stereo and cranked it up when we got home. Yay Chicago!!


Peter Cetera said...

Secret communications with my client have have revealed that s/he doesn't appreciate being blasted with Chicago songs which were written well before the band's stylistic peak in the'80's. My client also does not appreciate the miniscule "where's waldo" representation that you have given him/her in your blog. S/he doesn't need your pity.

Robert Lamm said...

This is Bob Lamm, no relation to Lamb, and I wrote and sung Saturday In the Park. I have to say that my songs are far better than those saccharine pop goo-balls put out by my former band mate. Thank you for your appreciation. I was especially proud of the verse: "A man selling ice cream, singing Italian songs, 'Eicay varee, eisee nardee.' Can you dig it? Yes I can." Alas, I will never compose with such brilliance again. And my fake Italian sounded so authentic that no one noticed!

American in London said...

Hi Andy,

I'm enjoying reading your account of London so far, but I feel it's my duty to tell you - lest the Diana freaks pelt you with rotten fruit - that Kensington Palace is where the Diana tributes are found. The Queen would never brook such displays of affection for her disfavored daughter-in-law at Buckingham!

Hope we meet up soon,