Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Our Second Anniversary

While exploring the Wapping area recently, Andy and I came upon an interesting old building called the Wapping Power Station. It turned out to be an abandoned power station that's been converted into an upscale restaurant with an attached art gallery. Since we were both intrigued, and all the reviews we could find of the restaurant were great, we decided it would be a fun place to celebrate our second wedding anniversary.

So last weekend we made a dinner reservation, put on our heavy coats as it's getting colder here, and walked down to the restaurant. We started by touring the art gallery, which was showing only one exhibit called "Water".

The exhibit consisted of plastic water bottles from all over the world lined up on long tables. The gallery itself was fairly dark except for some strategically placed spotlights, and eerie music was playing (kind of a combination of count dracula / telephone dial tone).

Sometimes I'm put off by modern art exhibits that try too hard to make a point, but I actually liked this one. It was compelling and its environmental message - that all these bottles are going into landfills around the world - definitely hit home.

But in the end, the gallery wasn't the main point of the night. We went on to celebrate our anniversary by having a lovely dinner in the restaurant, which is housed in the main power station building. The owners did an amazing job of making a huge room with weird equipment everywhere feel cozy, trendy and welcoming all at the same time.

Most importantly, the food was top-notch - Andy had a lamb dish as his entree, and a delicious squid appetizer with beans and "little shaved bits of bottarga" (direct Andy quote). I had a nice salad, and my entree was crusted sea bass with cauliflower and carmelized onions/raisins.

Overall we had a wonderful time, and we marveled at being in London for our second anniversary. Last year we had no idea we would be here now - it's amazing! It made me happy and grateful that we have this opportunity.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! The chairs look like something out of Clockwork Orange (maybe not as phallic), but then again, I imagine every moderne restaurant in London to have Clockwork Orange chairs.