Friday, August 24, 2007

We've Arrived, Now Where's the Root Beer?

Apparently today is the 8th birthday of Blogger. In internet terms, 8 is rather ancient; yet somehow I think I only heard the word "blog" within the last two years. And I thought I was on top of things. So here we are, on the 8th birthday of the blog, starting our very first one.

Those of you who know us have probably surmised that we have moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to London. Those of you who don't know us have probably surmised that this blog is going to be fairly boring because you have no idea who we are (and may even be boring to those of you that do know us, but hopefully not yet). We arrived yesterday fairly jet-lagged and confused, but managed to find our temporary flat on the East End which we will use to start looking for more permanent housing. The flat is very nice, if a tad mildewy - this is what you get for carpeting bathrooms, drip-drying laundry indoors (also over carpet), and living in a permanently damp environment (with carpet). Apart from the mildew, and the horrifying fact that the cable seems to not be working [breathe, Andy, it will be okay], the flat is spacious and light with a nice kitchen. In fact it is way too big for our current needs, but no complaints here.

Now, about the title, we really do want to find some root beer while we are here in the UK. Not surprisingly, finding root beer in the UK has been attempted before (see, e.g., ). While it seems that finding something called "root beer" is rather easy (there is even a local brand called Carter's), nothing here remotely resembles what Americans think of as root beer. Plus, Carter's, like nearly all other UK sodas, has artificial sweeteners in it, which are simply not allowed in my root beer. Waitrose, a local posh grocery, has a root beer made by the Australian company Bundaberg - I'll check this out and review it later.

Okay, we'll post some pictures soon. For now, I'm starving and we have some eggs and back bacon that need cooking.

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