Sunday, August 26, 2007

Great Expectations

At this point, since we have now graced you with a picture of mildew and a picture of lemon-scented liquid soap, I imagine people are probably expecting some photos of, say, interesting things. Perhaps a slightly artsy shot of a tube station that draws your eye to infinity. Or maybe a snapshot of a pub that purports to be the oldest pub in England (although it burnt down in the 1800s and was rebuilt, hence the controversy). Or on a more personal level, a nice shot of our new front door.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way for a while, back to the whole root beer issue. I tried the Bundaberg's Australian Root Beer, and, while it is way too sweet (even for my American palate), it is a very respectable root beer. The flavor is a tad mild and heavy on the sarsaparilla with very little in the way of birch notes or wintergreen like we might expect in American-style root beer. Yes, I did just say "birch notes" - sue me in the world court. One major problem is the price - about 4 pounds for 4 bottles, so about $2 a bottle. Not super expensive, but getting there. On other soda-related notes, the Dr. Pepper here is crazy delicious - much like Mexican Dr. Pepper. Hooray for real sugar! While looking for other root beers at Sainsbury's (no luck) I did find Sainsbury's "Dandelion and Burdock Soda," which they only seem to sell in Diet (yuck). I suppose that counts as root beer since it seems to be made from roots, but I have scarcely any hope that it might actually taste good, even with vanilla ice cream floating in it. You may have to wait a long time for me to review that one.


Doug said...

glad to hear you guys made it ok and are settling in. i subscribed to your RSS, so you better believe i'll be readin these and i'll post comments whenever it strikes me to say something.

Here's and update on your fishes. Tragically Panch didn't make it. Poor guy gave it his all but whatever he had got the best of him. I found him one morning stuck to the filter intake. Cheeto started showing signs of the same demise, but i separated him and gave him some of those antibiotics and he's fine now. Crisis averted! They also have some new friends. In order to promote diversity i got a couple other fish to add to the mix: A black moor, which looks like a glorified goldfish (only black) and has googley eyes, an albino fantail goldfish which has a big fan tail (hence the name), and 2 little cory catfish to scavenge the bottom and clean up the joint. It's a tad crowded but they all seem to like each other. I'll keep you posted and try and get some pics to you soon.

thats all i got for now, keep the blogs comin!

Lamb advocate, aka John said...

I am wrtitng on behalf of your pet Lamb, who is sadly absent from all of your posted phtots. To make matters worse, you seem to have replaced my client with a rubberized purple creature that in no way rivals Lamb in cuddliness. If you persist in cheating my client out of his/her birthright, I will have to seek extradition.

Reglretfully yours,

John Piazza
contracted by Lamb