Friday, August 24, 2007

Fun in Wapping

Although we're still jet lagged, we had fun exploring the area today. As Andy said, our flat is in East London, in a borough called Wapping - it's pronounced 'whopping', like the candy 'Whoppers' (yum). The south end of Wapping is right above the Thames River, so we spent most of our time in that area. We saw a lot of cool converted warehouses, and walked by some neat local shops along a street called Wapping Wall (including a tiny butcher store with very fresh looking meats in the window and a shop so small that only two customers could fit in at once). There were a lot more trees and parks than I'd expected, so the area was quite pretty. Although it's early to tell, we think we might like to live somewhere around there.

Upon returning home and washing the dishes, I couldn't help but take a picture of the dish soap we found in the kitchen called 'Fairy Lemon Twister' with a drawing of a diapered baby on the label (click on the thumbnail to see an enlarged version). It's actually a Procter & Gamble product - I knew they were famous for their creative branding in the U.S., but I didn't realize it stretched across the world! I wonder what focus group convinced them to go with the diapered baby theme?

Anyway, we're happy to be here and excited about the next few years in London, even though we already we miss home and family. We streamed the San Francisco radio station KFOG onto Andy's computer yesterday, and it felt like a little piece of the bay area was with us. But I think we will have a great time here. Before I left home last week I heard someone give the advice: 'When making a big life change, anticipate joy, don't anticipate fear' - so that's exactly what I'm trying to do. I also can't wait to find a permanent flat that feels like home so we can really settle in.

On a final note, I just told Andy the title of this entry, and he said 'make sure to tell everyone we had a whopping good time today'. Ah, the puns never end - they just travel overseas and continue as they always have. There's a little piece of home for you!

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